We pride ourselves on the quality recipes and delicious flavors you’ll find at Bear Creek Wines. It’s been a long process, but we’ve tested a ton of flavor combinations, and think you’ll love the ones we have to offer!



The taste of fresh, juicy blackberries and ripe currants come together to create this flavorful wine.

Black Raspberry

Red grapes flavored with ripe raspberries merge to create an easy-drinking wine.


Blended with the sweet burst of blueberry to make this a delight to the taste buds.


Sweet plum-red wine with the crisp taste of cranberries.


Apple, pear, and elderberry juices blended for a delicious taste.

Orange Sangria

Ripe peach and sweet juicy orange blend with crisp apple making a delicious summer or anytime wine.


Pomegranate flavor blended to create a delicate, slightly spicy sweetness.

Red Mill Run

A sweet wine made from a blend of Concord and Niagara grapes that come together to produce a sweet and spicy wine.

Sackett Red

This red wine is made from Merlot grapes that produce fruity and spicy flavors.

Dessert Wine – Raspberry Mocha

For a limited time we have Raspberry Mocha dessert wine.  It is a chocolate raspberry that is full of flavor and body.  Try some on vanilla ice cream – YUM!!


Bruin on the Beach

Zesty lime and subtle coconut flavor has one yearning for a tropical getaway.

Blushing Bride

This blush wine is a blend of Diamond and Concord juice.  It’s a little tart, and a little sweet.  It was made to celebrate Alan’s daughter’s wedding in August 2018.  We hope you’ll find it to be one of your favorites!

Brush Hollow Blush

A refreshing semi-dry wine flavored with raspberry and strawberry.


Made from the pink Catawba grape, one of the first Native American grapes used in winemaking in the U.S. It has a sweet, wild berry, fresh fruit taste.

Owl’s Nest White

This white wine, made with Pinot Grigio grapes is dry in character but has a pleasant acidic quality accompanied by a floral fragrance and fruity flavor.

Peach Apricot

Blended with peach and apricot flavors for a refreshing taste, perfect for any occasion.

Pineapple Pear

Firm white grapes are blended with juicy sweet pears and succulent ripe pineapples to give you this mouth-watering, refreshing wine.


Our Riesling is a sweet white wine that is downright delicious!


A light, refreshing blush wine with an aroma of fresh-picked strawberries and a note of honey and tropical fruits.


A dry wine with a blend of Columbard, Sauv Blanc, and Semillon grapes. Combined with lemon and grapefruit aromas with fresh figs creates a crisp, refreshing white.


A refreshing blush with the characteristics of a fresh slice of watermelon balanced with a thirst-quenching juicy sweetness.